About Us

Our Inspiration

Brilliant blue skies, rusted red earth and turquoise oceans are synonymous with the Australian landscape and provide the design inspiration behind our outstanding Eleda Fine Jewellery Collection.

We source the most lustrous Broome pearls and the finest champagne, yellow, pink and white diamonds from Western Australia’s Argyle and Ellendale mines to create our unique range of distinctly Australian fine jewellery.

Our design team can also advance your ideas into the creation of your own unique creations or reinvent much loved pieces into more contemporary designs.

We carry a wide range of stock and can also source specific gems from our extensive professional network in Australia and overseas.


Who We Are

The Eleda Fine Jewellery team is led by Ian Ward, a jeweller and retailer for more than 30 years.

Ian learned his trade as an apprentice in London’s famous New Bond Street, home to many of the world’s most prestigious jewellers.

After moving to Canberra, Ian continued his profession as a respected retailer before moving to Perth where the Western Australian landscape and its plentiful gems played a pivotal role in shaping his design direction.

Ian’s creative vision is to evoke the colours, textures and shapes of Australia within every piece of Eleda Fine Jewellery.